Welcome to the Sho!

OpenSho is a free to use internet based machine crawler and reconnaissance platform. OpenSho is actively scanning the entire internet for online machines and open ports. The goal is to provide that information to everyone.

OpenSho has temporarily suspended port scanning because we keep getting reported to our ISP. I am working on re-writing the scanner in python so that i can run it from a droplet instead from my home.

Latest Open Ports:
IP Hostname Port Port Status Time Found
Open2022-09-04 01:10:25
Open2022-06-12 21:59:03
Open2022-06-12 21:59:01
Open2022-06-12 21:59:01
Open2022-06-12 21:58:45
Open2022-06-12 21:58:38
Open2022-06-12 21:58:32
Open2022-06-12 21:58:21
Open2022-06-12 21:58:21
Open2022-06-12 21:58:18
Latest Pings Replies:
IP Hostname Round Trip Time Time Found
283ms2022-09-04 01:25:20
280ms2022-09-04 01:25:20
278ms2022-09-04 01:25:20
275ms2022-09-04 01:25:20
268ms2022-09-04 01:25:20
273ms2022-09-04 01:25:20
279ms2022-09-04 01:25:20
269ms2022-09-04 01:25:20
279ms2022-09-04 01:25:20
277ms2022-09-04 01:25:20